To maintain a healthy life balance, it is necessary to follow a good gym workout routine daily: eight hours – for work, eight hours – for sleep and eight hours – for personal affairs. Of these eight hours, it is easy to devote 40 minutes to an hour to sports or fitness activities. If you are new to fitness and want to pump up your body, or get a flat stomach for the beach season. Then, follow this gym workout routine by Men Happiness, for amazing result superfast.

1. Plank

Gym Workout Routine

The plank is one of the most popular and effective exercises for the abs around the world. The plank makes not only the muscles of the abdomen and shoulder girdle work, but also the muscles of the whole core. This exercise is static. There are no movements in it, so the most important thing here is to keep the body stable (and as long as possible).

2. Lunges

Lunges is a classic exercise for the muscles of the legs and buttocks, which is used in strength, aerobic and interval training. This exercise is considered to be one of the most effective and useful exercises for pumping gluteal muscles.

Moreover, lunges have many options for performing (modifications),so this exercise is an excellent component of any workout.

3. Double twisting

This exercise develops the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Lay on the floor, bend your knees at a 45-degree angle. You can put your hands on the shoulders or take them behind the head. Lift your head and legs and slowly move them towards each other. Also slowly return to your original position. Repeat this exercise three times 25 times.

4. Cross kicks

You need to stand on your set of leg and hand and perform waving your legs up from this position. First, make 50 strokes with your right foot, and then – 50 left. It is necessary to rest on the knees and elbows, to keep your back straight.

5. Jumping rope

Gym Workout Routine

Finish your workout with a small cardio load. Jumping rope increases the overall muscle tone of the whole body and it contributes to weight loss significantly.

6. Kegel Exercise

Kegel Exercise

Performing Kegel exercise in the shortest possible time, clearly strengthens the special muscles of the pelvis, prevents most problems with the urinary and sexual system, prepares muscles and brain for child birth. Not everyone knows, but the great Kegel introduced the exercise to the world and for the intimate musculature of strong men. The use of such exercises ahead of time for childbirth has been proven effective for a long time. First, the minimum load should be performed, then the pace and number of repetitions can be increased.

In addition, adding vitamin supplement in your diet can drastically boost your immune system and overall fitness. A person need many vitamins and minerals for healthy functioning body. Poor immunity often come along with a number of disease. There are a number of lifestyle circumstances that increase the risk of immunity problems. That’s why adding vitamin in diet is necessary to increase your immune system. Also, be careful while choosing and taking vitamins to avoid hypervitaminosis.

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